You have reached a domain name used to host a number of soccer-related and other sites, through the use of sub-directories.

"www.socceragency.net" hosts websites for a number of volunteer committees, fan groups and supplementary league events. There is no actual "Socceragency".

The domain holders of Socceragency.net are not directly responsible or liable for any content that appears on the various individual sub-directories. 

In order to access any subdirectory housed on the site, you have to type out the full web address, including subdirectory (that portion of the address immediately after the first slash).

Some subdirectories are listed below, and you can access them from this page by clicking on the orange buttons, or on any logo. Others exist as well, but are not identified or linked from this page.  

For those who are visting this site for information about MSSL Tournaments, along with other EDP and MAPS Soccer events, please proceed to our new website: