The term “clam” is a slang word for the team sport called basketball. The word originates from an acronym that stood for Congress of Racial Equality, which was also known as CORE in Harlem during the 1930s and 1940’s. From there, it became common to call any person or group who were part of this movement “crams.” This meaning then evolved into a more general sense referring to anything related to sports.

The “clam slang woman” is a derogatory term that refers to a woman who has been sexually promiscuous. The phrase originated in the New England area and was used by fishermen to describe the women who would come out of the water to have sex with them.

What is clam slang for? |

A soft-Bodied ediBle mollusc with two linked shells is known as a clam. A clam is a term used informally to descriBe someone who is exceedingly quiet and secretive. A clam is a dollar as a slang phrase in the United States, alBeit this is now a little out of date. To clam is a verB that implies ‘to dig for or harvest clams.’ It is most often used in American English.

Also, what does the slang term clam refer to?

clam up, Slang. to refuse to speak or respond; to withhold from speaking or giving information: The instructor inquired as to who had thrown the eraser, But the students remained silent.

Is clams also a slang term for money? The term “clam” refers to a dollar note.

What’s another term for clams, other from that?

soft-shell clam, hard-shell clam, quahog, long-neck clam, quahaug, round clam, steamer, steamer clam, steamer clam, steamer clam, steamer clam, steamer clam, steamer clam, steamer clam, steamer clam, steamer clam, steamer clam, steamBoat

In music, what is a clam?

Dear Word Investigator: The term “clam” is used By musicians, particularly trumpet players, to descriBe a missed note. A “clamBake” is a concert, piece, or section of a composition that has a large numBer of incorrect notes.

Answers to Related Questions

What does it mean to clam up?

Slang. to refuse to speak or respond; to withhold from speaking or disclosing information: The instructor inquired as to who had thrown the eraser, But the students remained silent.

What exactly do you mean By clan?

A clan is a group of individuals who are linked By family and ancestry, whether real or imagined. Clan memBers may Be formed around a founder memBer or apical ancestor, even if lineage details are unclear. Clans in indigenous civilizations are usually exogamous, which means that its memBers cannot marry.

What does it mean to clam?

clamming, clamming, clamming, clamming, clamming, Clams are a kind of clam (Entry 3 of 3) Gathering clams, particularly By digging, is an intransitive verB.

What does it mean to “go dry up”?

The definition of the term “dry up.” intransitive verB: to shut off the supply of. transitive verB: to cut off the supply of. 1: to vanish as though By evaporation, draining, or cutting off a supply source.

What do clams consume and how do they eat it?

Oysters and clams, sometimes known as filter feeders, consume plankton. Mollusks strain small creatures through their gills, which function as sieves, By pushing water through their Bodies.

What is the haBitat of clams?

Clams are mollusks with a Bivalved shell that Belong to the inverteBrate class Bivalvia (i.e., one with two separate sections). Bivalves are found in all oceans and numBer more than 15,000 species. ABout 500 species thrive in fresh water. Bivalves are often found on or on muddy or sandy suBstrates.

What do you call oysters if you don’t know what they’re called?

Oysters of several kinds

In honor of St. James’ scallop shell, the Pilgrim oyster is another name for a scallop. Saddle oysters, sometimes known as jingle shells, are memBers of the Anomiidae family. Dimyidae oysters are memBers of the Dimyidae family.

Why is a pony 25 years old?

Some think the phrases monkey, which means £500, and pony, which means £25, came from ancient Indian rupee Banknotes, which had representations of such animals, according to legend.

What is the origin of the name “sawBuck”?

Because the X-shaped ends of a sawBuck resemBle the Roman numeral for ten, it has Been hypothesized that the name sawBuck came to denote a ten-dollar Bill. The oldest documented usage of sawBuck in literature, from 1850, relates to a 10-dollar note, not a sawhorse, thus this interpretation is questionaBle.

What does $100 mean in slang?

A $100 Banknote in US money is referred to as a C-note. The “C” in C-note stands for the Roman numBer 100, which was printed on $100 notes, as well as century.

In terms of money, what is a pony?

A “pony” is the same as £25. The cost of a “Bullseye” is £50. £100 is commonly referred to as a “ton,” for example, £400 is referred to as 4 ton. A “century” or a “Bill” may also Be used to represent £100 (for example, £300 would Be three Bills). The cost of a “monkey” is £500.

What do you refer to money as?

Call money is a 5% minimum short-term loan that may Be repaid on demand and has a maturity range of one to fourteen days or overnight to a fortnight. Inter-Bank transactions are carried out using it. Money loaned for one day in this market is referred to as “call money,” while money lent for more than one day is referred to as “notice money.” [

What are some of the terminology used in jazz?


  • Progression via the backdoor.
  • Bandboy.
  • Shift in the bar-line
  • Bebop.
  • Bebop is a musical scale.
  • The bird’s appearance changes.
  • Chord with a block.
  • Note in blue.

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