A Tilly is a hockey player who can only score goals by using the stick in their hand. A puck must be placed on a player’s ice skates before they are allowed to shoot and score, so this type of shot is considered very difficult to execute. And yet there have been cases where players managed to pull it off!

A “Tilly” is a hockey player who has the puck on their stick, and is trying to get it past their opponents. A “Tilly” can also be used as a verb meaning to pass the puck or shoot it.

Gino – When a player scores a goal in hockey, this is referred to as a Gino. Tilly – When two opposing players remove their gloves and engage in a classic hockey brawl. 1. Bar Down – When you’re a kid, every hockey player’s fantasy is to take a shot and have it hit the crossbar and go right into the net.

Also, what exactly is a Tilly?

Tilly (plural tillies) is a word that means “tilly” in English (Ireland) A lagniappe is an extra product provided to a customer at no additional cost.

Second, what exactly is a Tillie? Tillie is a pet version of the feminine name Matilda and is a variant of Tilly. Matilda is an Old German name that means ‘Victorious in Battle.’ Tilly might be an elongated variant of Tilly, created to give it more legitimacy as a brand name in its own right. Tillie Olsen was a writer from the United States.

What are some hockey words, for example?


  • An aid from Apple.
  • When the puck hits the bottom of the crossbar and goes into the goal.
  • An arena rink is referred to as a barn.
  • A barnburner is a game with a lot of points.
  • Bender: a sloppy skater whose ankles bend under him.
  • Beauty is a lovely play.
  • Biscuit refers to the puck.
  • When a goal destroys the goalie’s water bottle, it’s known as a bottle rocket.

In hockey, what is a Celly?

A celly is just a celebration that any hockey player will do after scoring a goal against the opposite side. After a goal, a significant victory, or even eliminating a power play with no goals scored on net, players may do a celly.

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What time is it, Tilly?

It’s Tilly Time. Something horrible will happen if a brawl breaks out.

What does it mean to dangle Snipe and Celly?


Most hockey fans should be familiar with this word, which refers to an outrageous shot that lands the puck in a small spot for a goal. A sharpshooter is a player who can consistently achieve this. Dangle, Snipe, and Celly, for example, are a winning combo.

What is the abbreviation for Tilly?

Tilly, which is now ranked No. 90 in the United Kingdom, is short for Matilda, a name that gained popularity when Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger selected it for their daughter. The moniker around here now days is more likely to be Mattie, but we’re all for bringing Tilly back.

In Scotland, what does Tilly mean?

Tilly is spelled differently. Tilley is a habitational name derived from Old English telga ‘branch’, ‘bough’ + leah ‘wood’, ‘clearing’. Tilie (Old English tilia, a main derivation of tilian ‘to till or cultivate’) is a Middle English occupational term for a husbandman.

Tilly’s origins are unknown.

Tilly is a girl’s name with a German meaning of “battle-mighty.”

What is the origin of the term “donnybrook”?

Donnybrook Fair, a famously chaotic festival conducted yearly from 1204 until the mid-nineteenth century, was named for it. Donnybrook gets its name from the Irish “Domhnach Broc,” which means “The Church of Saint Broc.”

In slang, what is a telly?

Hotel room is slang in the hood. a slang term for television in the United Kingdom. A hotel party is a get-together of a group of insane individuals who drink, and perhaps more, and become completely wrecked. Friend: Ye, she was creating dollas for the mandem on my telly last night

What exactly is a soiled dangle?

Dirty Dangles is a song by the band Dirty Dangles. When a player has strong hand-eye coordination, he can weave the puck in and out with his stick as opposing players attempt to steal it. “Those youngsters had filthy dangles”

In hockey, what is the term for four goals?

There isn’t a specific word for it. It’s simply referred to as a “four-goal game.” A game with five goals is simply referred to as a “five goal game.” A “double hat trick” is when a player scores six goals in a single game (something that has only occurred twice in the NHL since WWII).

What does it mean to snipe in hockey?

Snipe: a well-placed or strong shot that results in a beautiful goal. Every snipe is a bar down shot, but not every snipe is a bar down shot. Top Cheese/Cheddar: A shot that goes in off or just below the crossbar is referred to as a Top Cheese/Cheddar shot.

In hockey, what does Ferda mean?

Ferda is a term used by hockey players to describe doing something for the lads or the team.

In hockey, what does the term “wheel” mean?

go fast

Is there a term for Tilly?

TILLY is a scrabble word that you may use in games like scrabble.

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