The Lightning staff is a device used in many sports to measure the length, weight, or angle of an object. The devices are either fixed at one point on the field or have small handles for people to hold onto as they walk along it. These switches usually use conductive strips that can be cut up and re-attached with ease..

The “electric staff switches” is a device used to help in sports. The user can use the switch to control their speed and power. They are usually found on the field of play, or at least near the playing area.

How do you upgrade Lightning staff switches? |

Upgrade Procedures

  1. Shoot the Purple Triangles to complete the puzzle. Go to the Crazy Place and observe the purple triangle sequence near the purple portal location (shown in the image above).
  2. Turn the dials on the electric panel.
  3. Arrange the rings in a straight line.
  4. Charge the Personnel (Collect the Souls)

So, how do you enhance the personnel?


  1. Construct the Staves. To upgrade a staff, you must first construct all four staves.
  2. Assemble a Staff. Choose which employees you’d want to improve.
  3. Step inside the Crazy Room. Because it is accomplished in that area, I name this step the Crazy Room Step.
  4. Step 1: Element
  5. Set the Orb free.
  6. Charge the Personnel.
  7. Assemble the Staff.

What is the finest crew in origins, for example? After 111, the wind is clearly the greatest option for every round. For up to 30 people, the lighting is ideal. Up to the age of 60, fire is the greatest option.

In light of this, what is the code for upgrading the ice staff?

Upgrade Procedures

  1. Solve the puzzle using the Ice Staff. Go to the insane area via the blue portal with the Ice Staff equipped.
  2. Gravestones must be shot. Return to the outer world after leaving the insane asylum.
  3. Arrange the gems in a row.
  4. Charge the Personnel (Collect Souls)

In Origins, where is the purple disk?

Near Generator 4 is where you’ll find the purple record. It may spawn inside the tunnel at the Crazy Place’s entrance, on the bandwagon to the left as you approach the tunnel, or next to the Der Wunderfizz machine on the table.

Answers to Related Questions

In which robot should the wind staff be placed?

The Wind staff must be placed in the head of Odin, the robot in the centre, and the Ice staff must be placed in the head of Freya, the robot on the left. Go to the excavation site and set the fire staff on the new pedestal that developed here after you’ve planted these staffs.

What happened to the components of the Lightning Staff?

To get the pieces, you’ll have to leap from the tank.

  • The first section is on the right side, beyond generating station 4. A stairwell with a standing platform will be visible.
  • The second section lies on the left side of the tank, beyond generating station number 2.
  • The last section is at the church.

Is it possible to upgrade the staffs on a simple basis?

You can’t obtain thunderfists until you upgrade. The x2 idea is also intriguing! I’ll have to experiment with unique recipes more regularly. I’m very sure you can create and upgrade the staffs, as well as the zombie and maxis drones and get the thunder fists, on easy.

Where did the shovels come from in the beginning?

In Origins, the Shovel returns in the Zombie Chronicles. Call of Duty: Black Ops III is the third installment in the Call of Duty franchise.

  • In the church, near the treads of the tank, toward the back of the tank.
  • Next to Generator Station 4 in the tunnel going to the wind tunnel.
  • Next to Generator Station 5, in the tunnel leading to the lightning tunnel.

What is the best way to improve Thunder fists?

To go to the bottom of the Excavation Site, go to the place where the staves were first constructed. At least 20 Zombies must be killed with Thunder Fists by each player. An Iron Fist Power-Up will emerge when they have completed the requisite kills. It may be used to improve Thunder Fists.

On Origins, how do you acquire g strike?

To get the G-Strike, go to the Tank Station and take the stone tablet from the table near the back entrance. Get 20 melee kills next to it at the church’s Holy Water. Then, without walking through mud, you must pick up the tablet and return it to the tank station.

The “lightning staff switches order” is a question that has been asked by many people. The answer to this question is simple: you need to buy the switches from the Lightning Staff website and then follow the instructions on how to install them.

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