A decoy is an item that’s used to lure game birds so they may be shot and killed. The word “decoy” comes from the French d’ecouer, which means “to deceive”.

Paint a black duck decoy the same way you would paint any other object. Use a brush, sponge, or roller to apply paint and then use a lighter to burn in the design.

How do you paint a black duck decoy? |

Begin with surface preparation, making sure each decoy is clean and dry. I suggest two coats of Gesso on the whole bird. Then, for the whole body, mix up the decoy paint. Start with a light layer of burnt umber with a hint of ultramarine blue.

What sort of paint do you use on duck decoys, as well?

One small to medium-sized can of satin-finish black latex paint and one small to medium-sized can of satin-finish white latex paint should suffice. (Make sure you get a satin finish rather than a gloss or semi-gloss.) The gloss of a satin finish is ideal for painting decoys.) Also, get a tiny set of brushes that are 1 inch broad or smaller.

how do you paint bluebill decoys? Painting procedure for Bluebill Hen. Paint the entire decoy with #12 Off-White & allow paint to dry completely. Before painting use a soft pencil, & lightly sketch in the various sections as shown. Take care to leave face & wing patch area #12 Off-White when painting areas around them.

In a similar vein, how do you paint wood duck decoys?


  1. Your unfinished duck decoy’s eyes should be painted.
  2. Paint the beaks in the same colors as your duck reference.
  3. Apply the necessary colors to the rest of your duck’s head.
  4. Paint the breast of your duck decoy first, then the back and wings.
  5. Your duck decoy’s tail and flanks should be painted.

What kind of wood is ideal for carving duck decoys?

tupelo gum is a kind of gum that comes from the state of Mississippi

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What’s the best way to clean duck decoys?

Hunters should carefully clean their decoys before each duck season, according to decoy carver and call maker Fred Zink. “Wash them with water, not soap,” Zink recommends. “Ultraviolet brighteners are included in most soaps, making decoys seem strange to waterfowl.

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