The relay drinking game is a drinking game where players take turns passing around and chugging from a large bowl of beer. The goal being to finish the whole bowl before anyone else, while also trying not to spill any on themselves or lose their footing in the process.

“The “flong drinking game” is a game of beer pong where the object is to pass the ball back and forth between two teams of 2-4 people. The first team that makes it to 21 points wins.”

How do you play relay drinking game? |

Playing Instructions:

  1. Place Cup A on the table after you’ve finished drinking it.
  2. Cup B should be consumed.
  3. Cup C is for drinking, while Cup C is for flipping.
  4. Move behind the closest Beer Pong rack (the graphic above illustrates the direction that you should follow throughout the game).
  5. Cup D should be drank and placed on the table.

Similarly, you could wonder what Relay means when it comes to drinking.

Flip Cup is a group Game of Drinking that is essentially a drinking relay race. At a table, two teams line up opposite one other. The next person cannot proceed until the person before them has finished all of their beer, placed their cup on the table’s edge, and successfully “flipped” it till it is upright.

Also, how do the beer Olympics work? Annual Beer Olympics are essentially mini-holidays devoted to intoxicated competition among friends, but friends quickly turn into foes when you split into teams and go head-to-head in a variety of drinking sports in the hopes of winning overall points and taking home the gold.

Also, what games do you participate in at the Beer Olympics?

Here are a few Game of Drinkings to include in your next beer Olympics:

  • Pong with a beer. PIN IT FOR LATER. provided the image.
  • PIN IT, KINGS. provided the image.
  • PIN IT IF YOU’RE THUNDERSTRIKED. jerle73 provided the image.
  • Cup slapped. PIN IT FOR LATER.
  • Cup is flipped. PIN IT FOR LATER.
  • Quarters. PIN IT FOR LATER.
  • I’ve never done it before. PIN IT FOR LATER.
  • Relay of the Shotgun. PIN IT FOR LATER.

What are some decent intoxicated games to play?

You Can Play These 10 Game of Drinkings At Your Next House Party

  • The King’s Cup is a tournament that takes place every Drinks and cards are required.
  • I’ve never done it before. Drinks are required.
  • Jenga when inebriated. Drinks and Jenga are required.
  • Thumper. Drinks are required.
  • Face that is perfectly straight. Drinks are required.
  • Cup is flipped. Drinks and mugs are required.
  • Buzz. Drinks are required.
  • Almost certainly. Drinks are required.

Answers to Related Questions

Flong, how do you play it?

At Flong, four individuals are seated in each corner of a table, with the cup arranged in a diamond. Your teammate is on the other side of you. Your opponent is standing right next to you. You toss the ball into your partner’s cup.

What method do you use to play the high or low Game of Drinking?


Someone begins by drawing the first card from the deck and placing it on the table. The first player then guesses whether the following card is greater or lower than the one on the table, starting from their left. If they guess right, they get to choose who they want to drink with.

How do you play the game of death?

Beer die (or snappa) is a Game of Drinking in which two players sit or stand at opposite sides of a table and toss a die over a specific height in the hopes of landing it in their opponent’s cup or having the die strike the table and bounce over the scoring area to the floor.

What are the best beers to use for beer pong?

After that, each side takes turns shooting ping pong balls into the opponent’s cups. Beer pong is a fun game to play.

Game of Drinking
necessary material(s) Ping pong balls, table, and plastic cups
Alcohol was consumed. Beer

How do you go about playing cup pong?

Part 2: Winning and Playing

  1. Start a dialogue with your opponent.
  2. Tap Game Pigeon after swiping left across the icons.
  3. Cup Pong may be found by scrolling down and tapping it.
  4. To send the message, tap the blue-and-white arrow.
  5. To see your opponent’s turn, tap the Cup Pong video.
  6. To play your turn, drag the ball near the cups.

What’s the best way to set up beer pong?

Part 1: Putting the Beer Pong Tables Together

  1. Play one-on-one or in two-person teams.
  2. Half-fill 20 16-ounce plastic glasses with beer.
  3. To rinse the balls before tossing, fill a bucket halfway with clean water.
  4. At either end of the table, arrange the plastic cups into a 10-cup triangle.
  5. Decide who will go first.

What’s the best way to build up a beer Olympic bracket?

For scoring, multiply the number of teams by the amount of points awarded for first place in each event (6 teams = 6 points for first place). One point is always awarded to the last place finisher. Every team in the middle…you get the idea.

What exactly is slap Cup?

Slap Cup is a fast paced competitive Game of Drinking where participants compete individually and try to bounce a pong ball into their cup as quickly as possible.

What is thunderstruck Game of Drinking?

The film Thunderstruck is a timeless masterpiece. You offer each participant a drink and instruct them to form a circle while listening to AC/Thunderstruck. DC’s The first person to hear the word “Thunder” begins to drink. The individual drinking stops the next time you hear ‘thunder,’ and the one to their left starts.

What is a case race, exactly?

A Case Race is the perfect Game of Drinking where your friends can get hammered together in competitive fashion by racing to drink an entire case of beer.

What is your strategy when playing Dizzy Bat?

To play, fill the Dizzy Bat with the quantity of liquid you want (make sure to plug the venting hole). Return the bat to your mouth, uncover the venting hole, and continue to chug! The game then becomes enjoyable. The amount of spins you need to perform is proportional to the number of seconds it takes you to swallow the liquid, so hurry.

What does a boat racing include in terms of booze?

A boat race (an acronym for “beer on a table”) is a Game of Drinking where teams, usually of equal numbers, race to finish their drinks in sequence. When a referee begins the race, the first drinker on each team is allowed to pick up their drink and begin drinking.

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