“The distance is the same as that of a nine iron, but the ball flies much further.” – PGA pro Nick Watney. It’s not just about power-hitting golf clubs anymore. A more athletic approach to your game can help you shoot lower scores than ever before.

The “5 wood vs 7 wood distance” is a question that I get asked quite often. The average distance of a 5 wood and a 7 wood are roughly the same, with the 7 being slightly shorter.

How far can I hit a 7 wood? |

between 140 and 160 meters

After all, how far can a 7 fairway wood be hit?

175-190 meters

Should I also bring a 7-wood with me? Most golfers should have a #7 fairway wood in their bag because of the optimum balance of length and loft it provides. Here’s why: The seven wood is an excellent replacement for a three-iron or three-hybrid. It has 22 degrees of loft, which is higher than a 5 wood, which usually only has approximately 18 degrees of loft.

How far should I hit a 7 hybrid in this manner?

Distances of Hybrid Clubs

Club a loft (degrees) Women should keep their distance (yards)
5-hybrid 28 – 32 85-112-145
6-hybrid 32 – 36 80-105-136
7-hybrid 36 – 40 75-98-127
8-hybrid 40 – 44 69-91-118

Should I bring a 5-wood or a 3-hybrid with me?

A 5 wood and a 3 hybrid are two distinct kinds of clubs with distinct functions. Aside from that, the 5 wood will strike the ball further than the 3 hybrid owing to the difference in head design and club length, and may be utilized down the fairway or on tee shots when control is essential.

Answers to Related Questions

Which fairway wood is the easiest to hit?

XR 16 Callaway

Which is more difficult to hit: a fairway wood or a hybrid?

Many weekend players can hit a fairway wood easier than a long iron, and they can usually swing a hybrid more comfortably than a fairway wood if they utilize it properly. In addition, the fairway wood has a substantially larger sole than a similar hybrid, nearly twice as big.

Is a fairway wood required?

When Should You Use a Fairway Wood?

You’ll need to utilize a wood for your tee strokes if you’ve mastered the hybrid and need extra distance off the tee. The appearance and feel of a fairway wood is more familiar to some novices. Try a fairway wood if you’re having trouble hitting hybrids or irons off the ground.

What is the equivalent of a 7 wood?

The 7 wood is the same loft as the 2 iron, which is 21 degrees. The 7 wood, on the other hand, is longer than a 21-degree hybrid. The 7 wood has a longer shaft than the other hybrid and iron clubs, resulting in a greater length. The 7 wood is also the golf club comparable to the 3-iron.

Which fairway wood is the most forgiving?

In 2020, the three most forgiving golf courses

  1. Rogue Fairway Wood for Men from Callaway Golf. Overall, the most forgiving golf three-wood.
  2. Men’s TaylorMade M2 Fairway Wood. For the money, the most forgiving 3-Wood.
  3. Callaway Bertha, the Great.
  4. Men’s Callaway XR Fairway Wood.
  5. AeroBurner Fairway for Men from TaylorMade.

I’m not sure how far I should hit my fairway woods.

A Beginner’s Guide to Golf Club Distances

Club Men Women
Driver 200-240-280 160-185-210
3-wood 180-225-245 125-150-180
5-wood 170-195-220 105-135-170
2-iron 170-195-215 105-135-170

For a high handicapper, what is the best fairway wood?

High Handicappers’ Favorite Fairway Woods

  • TaylorMade M4 is our top pick.
  • Most Popular & Excellent Value: TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Fairway Wood.
  • Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Wood is a premium option.

Do hybrids have a longer range than irons?

In general, a hybrid will fly 8 to 12 yards farther than the matching iron, but accuracy and consistency are the most important factors to consider. It’s tough to compare the two clubs directly since most players use either a hybrid or an iron.

Do professionals utilize hybrids?

Do Professional Golfers Use Hybrid Irons? They do utilize hybrids, and they are doing so in greater numbers. Hybrids aren’t only for duffers and ordinary golfers. Hybrid clubs have been used by some of the world’s finest golfers to replace their 2-irons, 3-irons, and 5-woods.

In golf, what is the longest driver?

Mike Austin is a well-known figure in the

Which golf iron has the longest range?

How to Choose the Right Golf Club

Club Men’s Distance Average WoMen’s Distance Average
8-iron 130 yards 110 yards
9-iron 120 yards 100 yards
Wedge pitching 110 yards 90 yards
Wedge of sand 90 yards 80 yards

Is a three-wood better than a three-hybrid?

Maximum Length:

Shots made with a 3-wood travel farther than shots made with a 2-wood. A sensible golfer would utilize the 3-hybrid in instances when accuracy is more vital, but the 3-wood is the better choice when distance is the goal!

Is there a 7-wood TaylorMade?

Lightweight shafts and improved grips allow for increased distance and swing speed. Choose the TaylorMade woods that are right for you. TaylorMade is available in three-wood, four-wood, five-wood, and seven-wood designs. Fairway woods have a greater loft and are a third the size of drives.

What hybrid may take the place of a 7-wood?

AT705 Thomas Loft Thomas is replaced by:
5 Iron Hybrids 27° 5 (Iron) and 11 (Wood)
6 Iron Hybrid 30° 6 (Iron) and 13 (Wood)
7 Iron Hybrids 34° 15 wood / 7 iron
8 Iron Hybrid 38° 17 wood / 8 iron

Is it possible to tee off with a 5 wood?

It’s a lot simpler to hit a big-headed driver off the tee. With that in mind, consider carrying a 5-wood in your luggage. It’s significantly simpler to hit because to the somewhat shorter shaft and a few more degrees of loft. I usually advise against using the 3-wood until you are under a 10-handicapper.

Why do I hit the three wood as far as the driver?

Your driver may have too low loft for your swing speed, which is one of the main reasons your 3 wood travels as far as your driver. Your 3 wood’s extra loft is actually better for your swing speed, allowing you to hit the 3 wood the same distance as the driver.

I’m not sure how far I should hit my 5 wood.

How far can you push yourself? The following is a list of golf club distances.

  1. 150 to 260 yards for the driver. This is the eldest son.
  2. 125-235 yards with a 3-wood. While a driver may save you 30 yards, a 3-wood may provide you with a more precise tee shot, which is vital on tough or tight courses.
  3. 105-210 yards with a 5-wood. A 5-wood is often used as a follow-up stroke after a tee shot.

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