Tangerine is a Canadian-based bank that offers prepaid Visa and MasterCard debit cards, credit lines, mortgages and air time. With over 4 million customers, the company has proven to be a popular money transfer service since 2009.

Tangerine is a British company that offers mobile phone plans. What is the mood of tangerine?

What is the main idea of tangerine? |

Explanation and Answer: Tangerine’s major topic is that keeping the truth hidden is harmful. Throughout the story, Paul is torn between the concept that he may be able to help others and the thought that he might be able to help himself.

As a result, what is the tangerine theme?

There are many themes in this novel. One of the themes is that you should confront and conquer your fears. One of the themes was Paul’s fear of his brother, but he overcame his fear. Another important theme is to be truthful to your family members.

Also, why did Bloor use the word tangerine? Tangerine was written by Edward Bloor with the intention of entertaining. Authors normally try to amuse, enlighten, or convince readers about a certain point of view, but in this book, it’s all about stupid, bizarre people, places, and things.

As a result, one might wonder why Erik killed Luis in Tangerine.

Luis survives the head injuries for a while. Luis developed an aneurysm, which is a weakness in the artery’s wall that allows the artery to spread out and become vulnerable to bursting spontaneously or in reaction to an injury. He was attacked on a Tuesday and died six days later.

What is the tangerine’s climax?

Erik’s beating of Tino is the climax. LuisfindsErik. Erik instructs Arthur to strike him with a night stick (or blackjack), which kills him.

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What is the meaning of a tangerine?

New endeavors, happiness, contentment, enthusiasm, motivation, falsehoods, betrayals, and relationships are all represented by the color tangerine. Dreaming about giving someone a basket of tangerines expresses your affection for them. If you give him sour tangerines, though, it signifies you are envious of his success in your waking life.

What is the most serious issue with tangerines?

The problem in Edward Bloor’s novel Tangerine is that the younger brother, Paul Fisher, appears to be the only one in his family who understands his older brother Erik’s dark nature. Paul is afraid of Erik and gets flashes of Erik harming him.

In Tangerine, what is the major setting?

Setting. This story is set in Florida with a small amount of time spent in Houston, Texas. Lake Windsor Downs, Lake Windsor Middle School, Tangerine, Tangerine Middle School, and TomasCruzGroves are the locations in Florida where it takes place. It is sometime in the 1990s that this narrative takes place.

What was Erik’s motivation for spray painting Paul’s eyes?

Because they thought Paul was the one who got Vincent into trouble, Erik and Vincent spray-painted Paul’s eyes. Vincent splattered white paint into Paul’s eyelashes while Erik kept them open. Paul was screaming in agony on the garage floor after this terrifying episode.

In Tangerine, how did Paul lose his vision?

He is legally blind and requires the use of extremely thick spectacles. He doesn’t have any peripheral vision. He believes he was blinded by looking into a solar eclipse. The fact is that when Paul was four or five years old, Erik spraypainted him in the eyes.

In Tangerine, who is Luis?

Tino and Theresa’s older brother is Luis Cruz. He has devoted his life to his beloved tangerine trees and enjoys sharing his enthusiasm with others. That’s how he meets Paul and forms a connection with him. Luis, on the other hand, is devoted to his family, and when Erik injures Tino, he confronts him right away.

In Tangerine, how did Mike die?

Answer and explanation: In Tangerine, a lightning strike kills Mike Costello while he is at football practice. When lightning strikes, he is in the end zone, touching the goal post.

What is the definition of a golden morning tangerine?

Luis developed the “Golden Dawn” tangerine, a new variety of tangerine. GoldenDawnswere “seedless, very juicy, and cold weather resistant.”

How many goods have been stolen from tented houses?

The valuables of twenty-five tented homes in Lake WindsorDowns have been stolen.

Why do the administrators at Lake Windsor Middle School break the rules to allow Joey to switch schools and play on a different soccer team?

Because they are terrified of his father, who is a lawyer and can sue because Mike died on their property, the people at Lake Windsor Middle School bend the rules for Joey to allow him to move schools and play on a different soccer team.

When Shandra makes the All-County middle school soccer team, why doesn’t she publish her photo in the newspaper?

When Shandra makes the All-County Middle School Soccer Team, why doesn’t she publish her photo in the newspaper? Antoine goes to the Sports Commissioner and admits to lying about his residence in order to play football for the Lake Windsor squad.

When did tangerine come out?


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