The Thulavarsham or Malayalam month is the rainy season that starts during October in Kerala and ends with March. The first day of this season, called “Thulam” means ‘rain’.
The Thulavarsham rains make up for 98% of the total rainfall from April to September.

The “rainy season in kerala wikipedia” is the time when the rain is most likely to occur. The rainy season lasts from October to March. It is also known as Thulavarsham in Kerala.

Which rainy season is known as Thulavarsham in Kerala? |

The northeast monsoon is known as thulavarsham because it occurs in the Malayalam calendar month of thulam. By April or May, we’ll be getting summer rains as well. We are fortunate to have two wet seasons.

What is Thulavarsham in this context?

N. Sankaran Nair directed and Sobhana Parameswaran Nair produced Thulavarsham, a 1976 Indian Malayalam film. V. Dakshinamoorthy and SalilChowdhary composed the film’s soundtrack.

What is the name of the South West Monsoon? Monsoon season in the Southwest. The ‘Southwest Monsoon’ is defined as the period from June through September.

The issue therefore becomes, when does Kerala’s rainy season begin?

The first rainy season in Kerala begins in June, while the second begins in mid-October and finishes in mid-November. Kerala’s monsoons, unlike those in other parts of the world, do not consist of days and weeks of continuous rain.

In Kerala, what kind of climate can you expect?

Kerala, being in the tropics, is primarily susceptible to the same sort of humid tropical wetclimate as most of the world’s rainforests. Its far eastern edges, on the other hand, have a drier tropicalwet and dry climate. Kerala gets an average yearly rainfall of 3107 millimeters, or 7,030 million cubic meters of water.

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What season is it in Kerala right now?

In Kerala, there are three distinct seasons. Summer (February-May), Monsoon (June-August and October-November), and Winter (December-January) are the seasons, with an interlude of warm weather between August and October.

Is there a good time to visit Kerala?

Summer is hot but not humid, since it is near the tropics, from March to May. The optimum time to visit Kerala for Ayurveda treatments is during the monsoon season, which runs from June to August. The rainy and cool atmosphere during the monsoon season is suitable for Ayurveda treatments and rejuvenation programs in Kerala.

What’s the weather like in Rajasthan?

Rajasthan’s climate varies greatly throughout the state. Summers in desert locations are frequently hot and dry, while winters are frigid. Rainfall and humidity are minimal in the Aravalirange, which is to the west. While the weather to the east is marked by excessive humidity and more rains.

What’s the weather like in North East India?

Northeast India has a subtropical climate affected by the southwest and northeast monsoons, as well as its relief. The climate is influenced by the Himalayas to the north, the Meghalaya plateau to the south, and the hills of Nagaland, Mizoram, and Manipur to the east.

Kerala has how many seasons does it have?

there are three seasons

Is it true that the monsoon season has begun in Kerala?

“Monsoon has arrived in Kerala today (June 8),” said Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, Director-General-designate of the India Meteorological Department. Several regions of Kerala have begun to get significant rains. Normal monsoon is expected in the city.

In Kerala, does it rain in October?

Although rainstorms become less frequent as the monsoon season draws to a close in Kerala, India, October remains a very rainy month. In fact, October is the second wettest month of the year in terms of total rainfall, with no less than 268mm of precipitation falling from the sky.

In Kerala, how many days does it rain?

Kerala Climate – Kerala Climate, Temperature, and Monsoon Rainfall

Temperatures on average this time of year: Maximum temperature: 30°C Minimum temperature: 19°C
During the season, the average rainfall is: Dimensions: 2250 mm – 2500 mm

Is Kerala a secure place to visit for tourists?

Kerala is one of India’s most secure tourism attractions. According to a Transparency International survey, Kerala is the least corrupt Indian state, making it a safe tourism destination. Kerala is a safe place to visit. A flight is the most convenient method to go to this location.

In September, does it rain in Kerala?

In September, how is the weather in Kerala? In September, while Kerala, India, is experiencing the monsoon season, high temperatures and heavy rain persist. The total quantity of rainfall is 175mm, which falls over the course of 18 days.

How long should you spend in Kerala?

Kerala is a region full of opportunities and a plethora of sites to visit, depending on how much time you have. Though I suggest spending at least a week, you may visit a few famous places in only 3–4 days. If you only have three to four days, I recommend seeing Kochi, Munnar, and Thekkady.

Which part in Kerala receives the most rainfall?


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