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The “What did Mama do with the insurance money?” is a question that has been asked by many. The question is usually answered by saying what Mama wants to do with the money.

What did Mama do with the insurance money? |

Mama feels bad about his dissatisfaction and assures him that she has never mistreated her children. She gives him the remaining $6,500 from the insurance money, instructing him to put $3,000 in a savings account for Beneatha’s school and retain the rest $3,500.

It’s also important to know what Walter did with the money Mama provided him.

He passes it to Willy Harris, who takes the money and swindle them. Walter’s family despises him until he stands up to Lindner and rejects the offer to move outside of the white area.

In a raisin in the sun, what does the insurance check represent? Mama’s life insurance cheque, which she gets after her husband’s death, symbolizes hope, since each member of the family views it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to realize their ambitions. The check changes from being a sign of optimism to being a symbol of their hopes being shattered.

What does beneatha want mother to do with the insurance money in this case?

Explanation: The central tension in the drama “A Raisin in the Sun” arises when a family gets insurance money following their father’s death and must determine what to do with it. Despite the fact that the majority of the members urge “Mama” to do anything particular with the money, Beneatha feels Mama should do whatever she wants with it.

What is Mama’s attitude about money?

In conversations with Ruth and Beneatha in this scene, Mama’s values become more clear. What is Mama’s attitude about money? Mama values money, knowing that it is very difficult to come across. Therefore she wishes that whatever she spends with that money must be worth it.

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What does Walter make a livelihood doing?

Walter is a fantasist. He aspires to be wealthy and devises schemes to do it with the help of his buddies, notably Willy Harris. He plans to put his father’s insurance money in a new liquor shop enterprise after the show begins.

Why is Walter so dismissive of George?

What is Walter’s perspective on George? He is disrespectful to George and enraged that George has no concept what it’s like to be poor and have to struggle for what he wants; Walter is envious of George’s success (Page 83-85).

Why was Mama receiving a $10,000 check?

The Youngers are about to receive a $10,000 insurance cheque as the play begins. This money comes from Mr. Younger’s life insurance policy, which he had before he died. Walter Lee, Mama’s son, would rather put the money in a booze shop with his pals.

What is Walter’s plan for the funds from the check?

Walter intends to put the funds in a booze shop with his “friend,” Willy Harris. He views this investment as a chance to be his own boss and provide for his family in the manner he believes he should.

What is Ruth’s opinion on Walter?

Walter and Ruth are first estranged from one other in A Raisin in the Sun. Ruth asks Walter how he wants his eggs fried at the start of the play. He says he’d want anything except scrambled eggs, but Ruth continues to scramble the eggs. This is a subliminal suggestion regarding their relationship’s nature.

Why is Mama so concerned with such a significant quantity of money?

Mama is about to get a large sum of money because her husband died and they had an insurance policy. Walter intends to put the funds in a booze shop with his “friend,” Willy Harris. He views this investment as a chance to be his own boss and provide for his family in the manner he believes he should.

What is the point of Mama’s reminiscences about her previous life?

It is sad that most money comes from someone’s death. What is the point of Mama’s reminiscences about her previous life? Mama’s husband worked hard and loved his children so he would see his dreams come true through his children.

What is the meaning of Mama’s plant?

Mama’s plant, the play’s most overt emblem, signifies both Mama’s care and her desire for her family. The plant also represents her desire to possess a home, preferably one with a garden and yard. She honed her gardening abilities with her plant.

Why does beneatha express gratitude to her mother?

She says he is a fool because she feels he has not respect for himself and his culture. Why does beneatha express gratitude to her mother? For understanding her and realizing how she feels.

Is there a happy ending for a raisin in the sun?

The play’s conclusion A Raisin in the Sun isn’t always cheerful, although it does feel upbeat. The Younger family has been duped at the end of the play, but they are still hopeful about moving to a new home.

Is beneatha relocating to Africa?

She also puts on the Nigerian robes he has brought her and dances to African music. Despite the fact that Beneatha’s family has lived in America for many generations and Beneatha has never visited Africa, Asagai says that she will feel as if she has only been gone for one day once she arrives in Africa.

What is Mr Lindner’s offer to the family?

Lindner makes them an offer to purchase the home from them at a profit to the family. Walter grows enraged at this moment and demands Mr. Lindner to leave. Mama arrives after he departs, astonished by Walter’s response.

What is the irony of a sun-dried raisin?

It’s a dramatic irony when Bobo shows up to the Younger’s apartment to inform Walter Lee what happened to his money. When the audience knows knowledge that the character does not, dramatic irony occurs.

What does it mean to eat your eggs?

“Eat your eggs,” his wife says (Hansberry 616). His hopes, desires, and ambitions are represented by the eggs. The egg is a novel notion in his head, but it never comes out the way he wants it to. It also represents Walter’s children.

What makes Asagai’s moniker so fitting?

What makes Asagai’s moniker so fitting? It means “One for Whom Bread – Food – Is Not Enough.” It is appropriate because he as well as Beneatha and Walter want more from life than just survival. They want a better quality of life.

What is the meaning of the title Raisin in the Sun?

The central theme of A Raisin in the Sun is dreams, as the protagonists strive to cope with the repressive conditions that govern their life. The play’s title refers to a hypothesis proposed by Langston Hughes in a poem about dreams that were lost or postponed.

To beneatha, what does Mama’s insurance cheque mean?

Check from Mama’s Insurance

‘That money belongs to Mama, Walter, and she has exclusive discretion over how she spends it.’ Walter views the cheque as a chance to start his own company, Beneatha wants to continue medical school with it, and Mama wants to purchase a home with it.

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