Crop waste is a useless item in the game which seems to be an oversight. The leftover plant parts can be used as fertilizer and compost, but it’s not clear if this practice has been implemented or what consequences may result from adding crop waste into your graveyard keeper garden.

The “do i need to water crops in graveyard keeper” is a question that many players have asked. If you are unsure about how much to water your crops, you can use the game’s tutorial.

What do you do with the crop waste in graveyard keeper? |

Crop waste is a byproduct of agriculture that may be utilized to make peat and maggots, or it can be broken down via alchemy. It may also be acquired from the Farmer and then sold to the Shepherd.

Where may I acquire seeds for the cemetery keeper?

Carrot seeds may be sown in vacant garden beds at the Kitchen Garden, an agricultural zone under the workyard. You must first buy carrot seeds from the farmer, following which you will get a certain quantity of seeds each time you harvest the fully grown crop.

Where can I locate hops in Graveyard Keeper, as well? In the Witch Hill agricultural site known as the Vineyard, hops seed may be sown in a vine trellis. You must buy these seeds from the Miller, after which you will get a certain amount of seeds each time you harvest the fully developed crop.

Furthermore, how can one get gold star seeds in the cemetery keeper?

Gold seeds are currently unavailable in Graveyard Keeper. To achieve a gold crop, you must combine the silver seeds with the fertilizer. It’s doubtful that conventional seeds will yield a gold harvest.

What is the source of income for a cemetery keeper?

How to Earn a Living

  1. Burial certificates are sold after the bodies are buried (critical early game).
  2. Burn the bodies to the south of the mortuary (need crematorium technology).
  3. At witch burnings, sell burgers and beer.
  4. Sermons are delivered every week (once the church is open).
  5. Smelt silver ingots once a week and sell them to the merchant.
  6. Fishing.

Answers to Related Questions

How do you catch fish in the cemetery, keeper?

In Graveyard Keeper, how do you fish?

  1. To begin fishing, stand on the platform and throw your line into the water.
  2. You may pick the lure after casting the fishing rod.
  3. After choosing the bait, you must pay attention to the water’s activity.

What’s the best way to create cemetery keeper oil?

You have two options for getting your hands on Oil in Graveyard Keeper: either purchase it or create it yourself. To purchase Oil, go east along the dirt road outside of the Village’s Dead Horse Tavern until you reach a group of ancient stone ruins.

What is the best way to obtain onion seeds in BDO?

1) Gather onion seeds from a shrub and place them in a container. 2) In the field, sow the onion seeds. 3) Pick some onions. I sometimes labor in the field, and gathering crops brings me immense joy.

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