The expression “to cover your nut” is used to describe a situation where someone or something has been paid in full. It’s generally said as an encouragement that the person will be able to secure financial security without needing to, or wanting, any more of what they’ve already received.

What does it mean to cover your nut? |

<2006 “’cover your nut’ is an accounting term meaning to sell enough goods or services to meet your expenses. The term originally came from the Old West, he said.

What does it mean to “make your nut” in this context?

Making Your Nut is a term that isn’t commonly used but has the same meaning now as it did decades ago. Simply expressed, it indicates that a person has the funds necessary to pay his or her payments when they become due. This expression has its origins in ancient England.

What is the definition of a monthly nut? Your monthly costs are referred to as a monthly nut. Many monthly costs are set, and if you keep track of them, you should be able to figure down what your monthly nut is.

Similarly, what does “get my nut off” imply?

get (one’s) nuts in a tizzy To be successful with a girl or females on a certain occasion, for example.

In texting, what does * * * mean?

Asterisk. Meaning: You’re concerned that the other individual isn’t as cool as you are. The most common purpose for using asterisks in a text is to censor a term, such as “I prefer deep-fried sandwiches, therefore my friends refer to me as the C*** of Monte Cristo.”

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What does it mean to “nut” someone?

nut’s present participle. Nut gathering (As in “to go a-nutting,” “to go nutting,” and so on.) Gaining favor or subjugating oneself is an uncommon occurrence. (Australian and New Zealand slang) To think deeply about something or to be perplexed by it.

What does it imply when I say I want to nut in you?

Bust a nut may imply “to be ecstatic about something,” “to lose your anger,” “to labor hard,” or “to ejaculate or orgasm,” among other things.

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