A cricket phone insurance policy from a leading provider can provide you with up to £1,000 if your device is lost or stolen. Find out more about what coverages are available for maximum protection and peace of mind.

Cricket phone insurance covers a wide range of different things, such as cracked screens and water damage. Cricket also offers coverage for theft and loss.

What does my cricket phone insurance cover? |

When you buy and activate a new, qualifying phone on the Cricket network, you may join up for Cricket Protect. Loss, theft, damage (even liquid), and out-of-warranty malfunction are all covered. You’ll get a new or refurbished replacement gadget if your claim is granted.

What is the deductible for Cricket phones, by the way?

Deductibles. You must pay the non-refundable deductible for your equipment ($10-250) in order to submit a claim. Visit phoneclaim.com/cricket for a comprehensive and up-to-date list of devices and their related deductibles.

What is cricket Protectplus, by the way? Cricket Protect Plus is meant to safeguard your phone and the information stored on it. Cricket Protect insurance, U.S.-based myExpert help for common tech requirements, and 50 GB picture and video* storage with myPhotoVault are all included for $10 per month.

Is Cricket phone insurance also applicable to shattered screens?

Cricket Protect and Cricket Protect Plus will undergo adjustments on April 19, 2020. More advantages are now available to you than ever before, including: In certain places, qualifying smartphones may get a $29 shattered screen repair the same day.

Do Cricket phones come with a warranty?

Warranty. From the date of purchase, most Cricket devices are covered by a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee. From the date of purchase, refurbished wireless devices are covered by a 90-day manufacturer’s guarantee. For further information, please refer to the warranty information given by the device’s manufacturer.

Answers to Related Questions

What steps do I need to take to receive a new phone from Cricket?

To update your phone, follow these steps:

You may only update your phone once every 90 days; the upgrade phone must be new and bought from a Cricket shop or online at www.cricketwireless.com; Upgrades to phones at Cricket shops and online are subject to a $25 device upgrade cost.

What does phone insurance cover?

Many mobile phones have a one-year limited warranty that may be renewed. Warranties typically cover manufacturing flaws and hardware failures, but not damage caused by accidents or overuse. You pay a monthly premium for insurance, which helps you pay for broken screens, water damage, and other repairs.

What is the definition of a phone deductible?

When I make a claim for my phone, why do I have to pay a deductible? As with other insurance plans, Asurion asks you to pay a deductible when you submit a claim. Please keep in mind that the deductible is often far lower than the full retail price of a new gadget purchased outside of a contract renewal.

What if you misplace your Cricket phone?

You have choices if your phone has vanished. You may put your Cricket service on hold for a while. It’s simple to restore service if you discover your phone. You won’t obtain a credit or refund for unused monthly service if you terminate or stop a line of service.

Is T-Mobile Insurance Coverage for a Stolen Phone?

T-Basic Mobile’s Device Protection Plan covers lost and stolen phones, as well as accidental damage (including cracked screens and water damage). The plan covers your phone, charger, battery, and SIM card, much as Protection 360, but additional accessories are only covered if they’re lost or stolen alongside your phone.

Is it possible to monitor Cricket phones?

What is the best way to trace a Cricket Wireless phone? You don’t have a “track” if you mean the kind you see on TV. Television is a work of fiction, not reality. If the phone is an Android phone and is linked to your Google account, you can use Google’s Find My Phone (google it) to monitor it and obtain a history of where it’s been.

What is the procedure for getting a replacement phone from T Mobile?

If you still want assistance, please contact us at 1-800-937-8997.

  1. Please call from a different device if possible so that we can work on your problem.
  2. T-Mobile shops can direct you to Care, but they aren’t qualified to repair or replace equipment right away.

How can I make a claim for my mobile insurance?

Make a claim.

  1. Ascertain that you have the following information on hand:
  2. Go to My T-Mobile and sign in.
  3. PHONE is the option to choose.
  4. If you have more than one phone on your account, choose the name/phone number associated with the device you’re making a claim for from the drop-down selection.
  5. Select Make a claim. or File damage claim or Report lost or stolen.

Is cricket able to replace phones that have been broken?

When you buy and activate a new, qualifying phone on the Cricket network, you may join up for Cricket Protect. Loss, theft, damage (even liquid), and out-of-warranty malfunction are all covered. You’ll get a new or refurbished replacement gadget if your claim is granted. You’ll just pay the deductible.

How can you track down a misplaced phone?

If you misplace your phone, you may track it down simply connecting into your Google account from any computer or even a different phone.

  1. From a phone, tablet, or computer, open a web browser.
  2. Go to android.com/find for more information.

What is the purpose of the My Cricket app?

You may use the myCricket App to make payments, examine data, adjust your plan, and add features. It’s all possible with your smartphone. The myCricket app allows you to manage your Cricket account even on the road.

Is it possible to suspend my cricket account?

If you have numerous lines on your account and one of them is lost or stolen, you may temporarily suspend that line. To prevent a service disruption, you must continue to pay for all lines. Please contact us if you want to suspend or cancel a line.

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