“I want to be as big a star as I can,” she says. “That’s my only dream.”

“What was mama’s dream in a raisin in the sun” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to this question is “a better life”.

What is Ruth's dream in a raisin in the sun? |

Ruth has a dream that resembles Mama’s. She wants to have a happy family and feels that owning a larger and nicer home is one step in that direction. Ruth’s goal is likewise put on hold due to a lack of funds, forcing her and Walter to live in a cramped apartment where their son, Travis, is forced to sleep on a couch.

People often wonder what Ruth looks for in a raisin in the sun.

Ruth looks after the Youngers’ cramped quarters. Her marriage to Walter is having difficulties, but she is hoping to restore their love. She’s in her thirties, but her tiredness makes her seem older. Despite her constant battles with poverty and personal problems, she remains an emotionally strong lady.

In a raisin in the sun, what is Walter Lee’s dream? Walter Lee’s fantasies, which are his only concentration in Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun, lead to impaired judgment and a way to restore his damaged existence. Walter’s exclusive concentration on his dreams first hampered his judgment. Walter expresses his skewed perception by making a variety of bogus promises.

So, in a raisin in the sun, what was everyone’s dream?

His ambitions are to be wealthy, but he also wants to provide for his family. With the money he gets from Mama, his personal desire is to build a booze shop. Lorraine Hansberry explains each of the family’s aspirations and how they are postponed in ‘A Raisin in the Sun.’

What does Ruth make a livelihood doing?

Ruth Younger is a character in Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun, a theatrical drama. Due to her family’s financial difficulties, she is forced to work as both a housewife and a working mother, as a domestic worker who cleans other people’s houses.

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What was Ruth’s plan for the money?

Walter then departs for his job as a chauffeur, for which he must ask Ruth for money since the money he handed Travis was for his car fare. She believes that if Mama gives him part of the money, he will be able to restore his happiness and confidence, which Ruth believes she can no longer offer for Walter.

Is it possible for Undernea to become a doctor?

Beneatha is a twenty-year-old college student who aspires to attend medical school and practice medicine.

Ruth is unhappy because she is expecting a child.

Ruth arrives from the doctor’s office, where she was informed that she is two months pregnant. Mama is suspicious because Ruth refers to the doctor as “she,” despite the fact that their family doctor is a guy. Ruth is sick and concerned about her pregnancy. Mama attempts to make her feel better.

What is Beneatha Younger’s greatest fear?

Beneatha is the most educated member of the Younger family, and she isn’t afraid to disagree with Mama, Walter, and others on religion, feminism, and racial assimilation.

What does underneatha’s hair represent?

The Symbolism of Beneatha’s Hair Beneatha’s natural hair represents her pride in her African background as well as her desire to learn more about it. Beneatha boldly distinguishes herself as an anti-assimilationist and publicly proclaims her ethnic identity with her natural hair.

What is Ruth Younger’s appearance like?

Character Evaluation Ruth Younger is a woman that was born in the year

Ruth is a person with a “soft” demeanor. She is not combative; she just allows life to “happen” to her. She is the “tired wife” who lives a mundane, everyday existence. Ruth is “around thirty,” according to Hansberry, but “in a few years, she will be recognized among her people as a’settled lady.’”

What will Ruth purchase for her new home?

Ruth shows Beneatha the drapes she’s purchased for their new home and tells her that the first thing she’ll do when they move in is take a long bath in their own bathroom.

What is Lena Younger’s biggest wish?

Lena Younger, the matriarch of the Younger family, wishes to raise her family off of Chicago’s violent south side, in a safer environment with more chances, such as Clybourne Park. She also fantasizes of owning a tiny garden.

What is the meaning of Mama’s plant?

Mama’s plant, the play’s most overt emblem, signifies both Mama’s care and her desire for her family. The plant also represents her desire to possess a home, preferably one with a garden and yard. She honed her gardening abilities with her plant.

What is Mama’s most cherished fantasy?

A mother’s or mama’s greatest wish for her children is to see them grow up to be nice people. The mother feels relieved when she sees them accomplish. We can see our moms’ tireless efforts. They continue to give it their all only to preserve or provide us a wonderful life.

What does the modern American Dream entail?

The modern American Dream is to be able to graduate from college with little debt, get a job in your profession with benefits, afford health care (while saving for retirement and paying off debts), and live comfortably.

What is Mama’s most cherished wish for her family, and why?

Mama’s biggest wish for her family is for them to have a happy life. She wants her children to enjoy a good life, with all of the advantages that come with being a white American. The reason for this is because they are having financial difficulties. They are black African Americans with restricted possibilities as a result of their race.

What does Ruth Younger do for a living?

Ruth Younger is a writer. Ruth resembles a typical 1950s housewife in certain aspects. She prepares breakfast, cleans the home, and supports her spouse while keeping her own wishes hidden.

Is Walter in charge of the booze store?

Younger, Walter. Walter Younger is a difficult person to get along with. Walter intends to put the funds in a booze shop with his “friend,” Willy Harris. He views this investment as a chance to be his own boss and provide for his family in the manner he believes he should.

What makes Walter Lee so egotistical?

He is self-centered for just thinking about himself and what he has to accomplish in order to make the liquor shop investment. Walter is adamant about pursuing his ambition of owning a booze shop. I realize that he is pursuing his ambition of getting wealthy, but he has ruled out any other possibilities.

Walter Lee’s American dream, what is it?

Walter Lee’s version of the American Dream has him being a successful businessman. Walter wants to start a booze store with the money from the insurance (The entire section contains 2 answers and 676 words.)

What are Walter and Ruth’s financial attitudes?

Walter and Ruth react differently when Travis asks for money for school. What are Walter and Ruth’s financial attitudes? Walter is more giving with money compared to Ruth. He think she should be more realistic since medical school is very expensive and they have a whole family to take care of.

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