This is an elementary school student’s question asking where the student section at Vaught Hemingway Stadium is located. The answer depends on what sport you are talking about and whether or not there is a team in place for that sport.

The “vaught hemingway stadium seating chart with seat numbers” is a map of the Vaught Hemingway Stadium. The map includes the section that each seat number represents, as well as a description of the view from that particular area.

Where is the student section at Vaught Hemingway Stadium? |

At Hemingway Stadium at Vaught, the student section is situated in sections S6 through S11, which runs from the South Endzone to the West Corner. Out of the 60,580 seats available at Hemingway Stadium at Vaught, the University of Mississippi distributes 7,500 to students.

As a result, one would wonder where the student section at Ole Miss is.

OXFORD, Miss. (WLOX) — For the 2019 season, Ole Miss is exploring party decks at the top of the student section at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium to give additional in-game social possibilities for the student body.

One can also wonder where visitors to Hemingway sit. Sections 101, 104-106, and the top rows of sections R, S, and S1 at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium are reserved for visiting teams. On our Interactive Seating Chart, use the “Visitor Seating” filter on the right side of the screen to see ticket listings for the visitors sections.

Similarly, how many seats does Hemingway Stadium at Vaught have?


What is the name of the football stadium at Ole Miss?

Hemingway Stadium at Vaught

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The Landshark, Tony

When was Hemingway Stadium at Vaught built?


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