Kyle Field is the on-campus football stadium for the University of Texas at Austin. The visitors section is in Section 111, where there are roughly 3,000 seats and it has a capacity of more than 82,500 people.

The “kyle field virtual seating chart” is a map that shows the location of all the sections at Kyle Field. The visitor section is located in the northeast corner of the stadium.

Where is visitor section at Kyle Field? |

The authorized visiting team sections at Kyle Field are 130 and 131. The seats are in the southeast corner of the stadium, on the lowest seating deck.

People often wonder where Kyle Field’s student section is.

Sections 224-239 and 324-339 at Kyle Field are designated as student sections. Student sections are available on the secondary market (unlike most student tickets), and because to their excellent placement (200 level), tickets are offered at a premium.

Furthermore, how are seats at Kyle Field numbered? All seat numbers on Kyle Field follow a similar pattern, with the lowest-numbered seat on the right side of each section adjacent to the lower-numbered section, thus the lower-numbered seats will be to your right as you face the field from your seat.

In light of this, which Kyle Field seats have backs?

All rows of the premium Zone Club, West Club, and Legacy Club sections include chairback seats. Only the first 14 rows in Section 114, which is allocated for staff and professors, have chairback seats; the rest are bench type seating with no back support.

Kyle Field has how many rows?

Sections 640 through 643, rows A through K. Sections 610 through 619, rows 1 through 9. Sections 510 through 520 have all seats available. All seats in sections 100 through 106, as well as sections 300 and 306, are available.

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How big is Kyle Field’s seating capacity?


Is it possible to bring water into Kyle Field?

Kyle Field allows fans to carry one sealed bottle of water inside the stadium.

What do you think you’ll be able to carry inside Kyle Field?

Kyle Field allows fans to carry one sealed bottle of water inside the stadium. Wear loose, comfortable clothes, apply sunscreen with at least SPF15, and wear a brimmed hat to protect your face and head.

What is Kyle Field’s All American Club?

Fans in the West Club, also known as the All-American Club, will have access to the 40,000-square-foot climate-controlled West Club lounge, 21-inch-wide padded chairback seating with cupholders, private elevators and escalators, premium concessions, full-service bar, and access to the Hall of Champions.

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