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Abby ll, who is a high school basketball coach and her assistant, has been charged with sexual battery after she allegedly had sex with one of her players. The player said he only agreed to the charge because his parents threatened him.

Who said Abby ll charge lechery on you? |

When John Proctor presses her, she responds, “She’ll murder me for saying it!” Mr. Proctor, Abby will accuse you of lechery!

Who said Abby would accuse you of lechery, Mr Proctor?


Furthermore, who said I couldn’t take any more whipping? “I’ll not endure whipping any longer!” Mary exclaims, afraid yet determined to assert her control.

Second, who said it was all a ruse in the crucible, Sir?


Who said the law would be so heavy with all the weight I’m carrying on my back tonight?

Now trust me, Proctor, no matter how heavy the law is, I’m carrying all of it on my back tonight.

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Were there maybe killings that went unnoticed?

Maybe there was a murder that went unnoticed for a long time. He has no idea what that sin is, which is why he speculates on a probable murder cover-up. The frenzy enveloping Salem will begin to dissipate once the reason is revealed, according to Hale.

Who’s to say I didn’t save her life today?


Who was it that said my niece? Sir, I feel my niece has vanished?

Parris to Danforth: “My niece, sir, my niece, -I suppose she has fled.” Abigail boarded a ship, stole Parris’ money, and claimed to be with Mr.

What’s the best way to cite The Crucible?

Quotes from the play “The Crucible”

  1. “I want God’s light; I want Jesus’ beautiful love!” says the first quote.
  2. Quote number two. “Because it’s my name!” says the narrator.
  3. “And note this,” says quote #3.
  4. “I’m looking for John Proctor, who roused me from my slumber and instilled enlightenment in my heart!” says quote #4.
  5. #5: Quotes
  6. Quote number six.
  7. Quote number seven.
  8. Quote number eight.

Why is it that ours is open?

“That’s odd, to say the least. Ours is open to the public.” Parris is told by Anne Putnam that Ruth’s eyes are open but Betty’s are closed. “Sir, theology is a castle, and no fracture in the wall is little.”

Who said that if you do good, nothing bad would happen to you?

Act three of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible has the passage you cite. It’s spoken by John Proctor to his servant girl, Marry Warren, as he attempts to instill some bravery in her.

Who claimed it was only a game at first, sir, but then the whole globe yelled spirits spirits?

WARREN, MARY: I – I cannot tell how, but I did. I – I heard the other girls screaming, and you, Your Honor, you seemed to believe them, and I – It were only sport in the beginning, sir, but then the whole world cried spirits, spirits, and I – I promise you, Mr.

Why is she being so harsh with her Proctor?

Because Abigail said that his wife is a witch, John Proctor stated that. To refute the witches, Elizabeth stated this to Hale, making it seem as though she didn’t believe in the Bible. “Why, this is going to be difficult with her- I had my worries, I had my fears, but now there’s disaster.”

In Act 3, what does Elizabeth Proctor do?

Summary and Analysis Act III: Scene 3. Danforth summons Abigail and three of the girls into the vestry room, where he questions Abigail. She denies WARREN, MARY’s charge that she is lying and that she falsely accused Elizabeth Proctor. He then defends his wife Elizabeth by saying that she is incapable of lying.

Do you want to throw this darkness on me, Mary?

Lewis, Mercy

In Act 3 of The Crucible, who are the characters?

This collection of terms includes (16)

  • Hathorne, the judge. A judge who, with Danforth, rules over the witch trials.
  • Corey, Martha The third wife of Giles Corey.
  • Giles Corey is a fictional character. An old but tenacious Salem farmer known for his proclivity for filing lawsuits.
  • Danforth, the judge.
  • Herrick.
  • Rev.
  • Rev.
  • Francis Nurse is a character in the film Francis Nurse.

What was Giles Corey’s genuine motive for not being able to complete his prayers?

What is the most probable cause of Old Giles’ inability to pray? He is easily terrified. He’s forgetful and just vaguely recalls his prayers. Rebecca Nurse summoned her spirit to oppose him.

Who said, sir, that religion is a castle without a crack?


What is it that keeps you up so late that it’s nearly dark?

ELIZABETH: What’s causing you to be so late? It’s almost dark. ELIZABETH: I’m going to pray to God. Stropping her, dear bunny, broke my heart.

When Proctor tells Elizabeth that he is attempting to satisfy her, what does she say?

While Elizabeth and Proctor talk about agricultural business, Proctor eats. He claims he wants to pleasure her, but when he attempts to kiss her, all she does is “accept it.” He is dissatisfied and returns to his meal.

What does Parris mean when he says that you can’t hang this kind of thing?

When Parris says this, he is arguing against Danforth’s decision to hang John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse. He implies that they are too well-liked and respected to be executed. Look around a page or so before the line you’re looking for to see this.

In court, who accuses Elizabeth of witchcraft?


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