Joe Sakic is the last player from his playing days to still be alive. He retired on July 1, 2008, at age 45 and has since been inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. The retirement was not a surprise as he had mentioned in past interviews that he would retire when his skills diminished enough for him to no longer take pride in them.

Joe Sakic retired from the NHL after a career that spanned over 1,000 games. His career started in 1987 and ended in 2009. Joe was born on September 12th, 1968 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Why did Joe Sakic retire? |

Sakic waited until Lacroix had recovered from issues after knee replacement surgery before announcing his retirement. Sakic, who is known for his deadly wrist shot and pinpoint passing, finishes the game as one of the NHL’s all-time leading scorers. He has 1,641 points (1,016), 1116 assists (1,016), and 14 goals (625).

So, when did Joe Sakic call it a day?


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You may also wonder what happened to Joe Sakic.

For Colorado Avalanche center Joe Sakic, things have only gotten worse. Sakic, who was already out of the lineup due to a bulging disc in his back, suffered more tragedy Tuesday afternoon when a snow blower accident shattered three fingers and caused severe tendon damage to his left hand.

What was Joe Sakic’s telephone number?

Colorado Avalanche / Centerman, 19 years old

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Joe Sakic is from where?

Canada’s British Columbia

Joe Sakic’s height is unknown.

1.8 m

Who is Joe Sakic’s wife?

Debbie Metivier is a writer.

Joe Sakic’s net worth is unknown.

Net worth, earnings, and salary history of Joe Sakic. He was ranked #16 in NHL / hockey career earnings with $94,045,190 (US $136,252,038 in today’s values). Contract with just one party. Plus, if you play 200 games, you’ll get a $C 5,000 bonus, and if you play 240 games, you’ll get another $C 5,000 bonus.

Joe Sakic won how many cups?

Sakic appeared in 13 All-Star Games over his 20-year career and guided Colorado to Stanley Cup victories in 1996 and 2001.

What is the name of the Colorado Avalanche’s general manager?

Joe Sakic

When did the Colorado Avalanche first begin?

Denver, Colorado, United States, 1972

How many Stanley Cup championships has the Avalanche won?



When did the Avalanche win the Stanley Cup for the first time?



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